A’alely continues his exploration of sonic harmony between contemporary electronics and the surahs, mantras and hymns of the Eastern world. The second edition of Maksiat! features music from Asangata, Wahono, Rojin Sharafi, Kakushin Nishihara and The Observatory.

Maksiat! #02

Leletheking Bawono // Asangata ft. Kiai Prawirohardjono (Dhandanggula Vocals) // Rise Of The Black Sheeps
Dijit feat. SD – 1772 (Cover) // Dijit // Hyperattention – Selected Dijital Works Vol.1 (YO7TH)
PART 5 'Mankind' // The Observatory // CONTINUUM (Self release)
Kanjinchô // Kakushin Nishihara // Kintsugi – Yoshitsune (Les Disques Du Festival Permanent)
Prambanan // Wahono // Prambanan / Mabad (DIVISI62)
Rasa / II // Java Sonic Ensemble – Re edited by ɟɐɥɯᴉ ɯnɹsʎᴉp // Rasa
419 Chop Your $ // Liberez // All Tense Now Lax (Night School)
Elo Progo Improvisations 1 // Arrington de Dionyso and Rully Shabara // Elo Progo Improvisations
L'Incantation du Héros au Yeux Bandés // EMMANUELLE PARRENIN & DETLEF WEINRICH // Jours De Grève LP - [VERLP41] (Versatile Records)
Baadaabaad // Rojin Sharafi // Zangaar (Zabte Sote)
Excerpts from Nasheed “Ya Ayyuhal Mukhtar “ (Al-Kirom) // Ust. Muammar ZA & Students
Listen, about what happened in Stockholm | بخصوص للي صار بالسويد // Two or The Dragon التنّين // Two or The Dragon

Maksiat! is a bi-monthly show curated by Habbo master world builder A’alely from Singapore.

Photography by Hizuan Zailani.

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