A’alely begins his new bi-monthly show, Maksiat! with a collage of grungy electronics and warped Middle Eastern instumentation from labels like Bokeh Versions, Optimo, Akuphone and Eye For An Eye Recordings.

Maksiat! #01

Side B Excerpts 5 – 7 // DJ Sotofett feat. Osaruxo & Diskomo // Live At Pool, Tokyo 26 Nov 2017 (SEX TAGS AMFIBIA)
Afqid Adh-Dhakira (I Lose Memory) // Nadah El Shazly // Ahwar (Nawa Recordings)
Martyrdub // Saint Abdullah // The Sounds of Evil Vol. 1 (Saint Abdullah/Boomarm Nation)
Mechanical Flirtations // Saint Abdullah feat. Sahba Sizdahkhani // Mechanical Flirtations (True Aether)
‘aynen btetHadda’ fi ba’D // Sea Urchin // Tahtib (Bokeh Versions)
To Move // Alexis Le-Tan // Wonders Ovze World (Idle Press)
Mailo, Urbanisation du Huan // Aki Aki, Kaschiel // Dishjockey (Candomblé)
Forest // FITH // Swamp (Outer Reaches)
Logischer Gefrierpunkt // Din A Testbild // Programm 2 LP (Innovative Communication)
Slowly Falling // Gum Takes Tooth // Arrow
Rug // Chen Yi // The 1978-1983 (CHEN YI COMMUNE) / Mélodies Souterraines
Müsli Boys (Intro Excerpt Only) // Aki Aki // Dishjockey (Candomblé)
Kur Tu Esi? // Ingus Bauškenieks // Spoki (STROOM.tv)
Iron Muscle // Spectral Empire // Iron Muscle (Malka Tuti MT0020)
What A Nice Day // Locked In Blue // Nobody’s New York V/A (The Associated Artists)
The Adventure of Rose + Croix // Roberto Musci, Giovanni Venosta, Massimo Mariani // Losing The Orthodox
Path (Soave)
Ey Nazanin // Maral // Weaponise Your Sound (Optimo Music)
Tibetan Buddhism Trip, Part 2 Recorded in Tibet and Yunnan (China) between 2006 and 2013. // Recomposed
by King Gong // Tibetan Buddhism Trip (Akuphone)
Un Sueno Rojo // Sacred Lodge // OKVLT006 Hijos Del Sol (OKVLT)
Modality Transporter // Sote // Parallel Persia [DIAG054] (Diagonal Records)
I Don’t Like Your Party // L.F.T. // Zerstöre Eine Stadt (Eye For An Eye Recordings)

Maksiat! is a bi-monthly show curated by Habbo master world builder A’alely from Singapore.

Photography by John T.  

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