Yadin Moha returns for a second instalment of Knees and Toes - an hour of bleeps, drips, drones and drum machines from labels like Knekelhuis, Osare! and DKA along with a handful of choice cuts from Dark Entries’s weird and wonderful reissue catalogue.

Knees and Toes #02
Yadin Moha

B4 // Sottosuolo // Incubi (Detriti)
Arde En Sus Ojos La Luz // Diseño Corbusier // Stadia (Dark Entries)
Humanly Possible // Stratis // New Face (Dark Entries)
Washing Machine Speaking // Free Range // King Of Snake (Osare! Editions)
The Phoenix Asteroids // Dark Star // Cryonics: 1989 - 1992 (Knekelhuis)
Sub Noctum (the wee djs Remix) // Señor Frio // Strange Joke (Digital Distortions)
Cold Onsen // Sene // I Heard You Laughing (Unknown Precept)
Bedroud // Vox Populi! // Magiques Créations (Emotional Rescue)
Hijos Del Sol // Sacred Lodge // Hijos Del Sol (OKVLT)
Off-U Sound // Autumns // Pissing Away My Youth (DKA Records)
Untitled // Religius Order // Anima Desolata (Atrophy)
Images in sand //  Modern Art // Underwater Kites (repsychled)
Haldol Shuffle // Nocturnal Emissions // Viral Shedding (Mannequin Records)
Elementals // Patrick Cowley // Candida Cosmica (Dark Entries)
Gaspacho // Alésia Cosmos // Exclusivo! (Dark Entries)
1968 // Violent Quand On Aime // ST (Knekelhuis)

Knees and Toes is a bi-monthly show curated by Yadin Moha from Singapore. He is currently based in Hong Kong and is a resident of 宀.

Photography by Chashel

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