Yadin Moha kicks off his first episode of Knees and Toes with an assortment of meditatative electronic oddites and folk organika laced with plenty of tape hiss from labels like Orb Tapes, Kashual Plastik and Artificial Dance.

Knees and Toes 01
Yadin Moha

Etude I // Kassen // Kassen (Creme Organization)
Knt // Shanyio // Unseen Realm (Orb Tapes)
Deltangui // Vox Populi! // Magiques Créations (Emotional Rescue)
Cvl //  Shanyio // Unseen Realm (Orb Tapes)
02 // Tav Exotic // s/t
Head Burglary // Knapp // Magnetic South: A collection of rare and unreleased Masking Tapes Recordings 1984 - 1986 (Kashual Plastik)
Time Tombs n Bombs // HOV // HOV - `82 - `89 (Kashual Plastik)
Encantador de Serpientes // Sacred Lodge // Hijos Del Sol (OKVLT)
Bonus Drums // Philipp Matalla // A weird state of experimental experience  (Kashual Plastik)
Dealers Dog // Free Range // King Of Snake (Osare! Editions)
Smudged Hills // Fashion Flesh // Withdrawn (Unknown Precept)
Sumatra Railway // Hypnobeat // Forbidden Plant (Artificial Dance)
05 // Tav Exotic // s/t 
Nakarde // Vox Populi! // Magiques Créations (Emotional Rescue)
Gsl // Shanyio // Unseen Realm (Orb Tapes)
Nefes // Karkhana // Nafas

Knees and Toes is a bi-monthly show curated by Yadin Moha from Singapore. He is currently based in Hong Kong and is a resident of 宀.

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