Guido Balboa soundtracks a 70 minute space walk with dreamy synthscapes, plucky basslines and chuggy drums peppered with italo quirks throughout. Featuring classics from pioneering labels Casablanca and Disco Magic alongside contemporary releases from Giallo Disco and Slow Motion.

RHH Invites
Guido Balboa

Valley Of The Dolls (Slow Instrumental) // Giorgio Moroder // Foxes OST (Casablanca)
La Secte De Marrakech - 2ème Partie//Cerrone // Brigade Mondaine: La Secte De Marrakech (Malligator)
Nuovi Orizzonti (Altieri A.I. Version) // Armonics // Nuovi Orizzonti Reworks (Slow Motion) 
Tu Me Tues (Les Yeux Orange Edit) // Maureen // LYO Free Edits #02 (Les Yeux Orange)
Joyo Can You Hear (Part 1) // Visitors // Visitors (Rockland Records)
Harpia // Baldelli & Dionigi // Cosmic Eagle Vol 2 (Quantistic Division)
Cannibals (Baa-Boù - Baa Boù) // Lee Marrow // Cannibals (Discomagic Records)
Doomsday Device (Flemming Dalum Remix) // Etolie Vipe // Better Than You/Doomsday Device (Fresh Colour)
House Of Thwomp // Bogdan Dražić // Four Trax On Black Wax EP (Giallo Disco)
8 // System Olympia // Collezione Notte Horror - Parte III (Slow Motion)
Volo Libero // Ma Spaventi // Italian Synth Planetarium Sistema 2 (Slow Motion)
Gay (Hysteric edit) // Hildegard // Hildegard - Satanicamente / Gay (extended edits) (Mothball Record) 
Evita (Avoid) - Mix Version // Coco Bill // Evita  (Best Records)
Dreamland (Vocal) // Mark // Dreamland (Discomagic Records)

Hong Kong based Italian stallion Guido Balboa is on a quest to make italo great again with his bi-monthly residency at 宀.

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