K.Woon delivers a slow burning collage of ghostly melodies and deconstructed rhythms for the fifth edition of Entropy. Featuring tracks from Blackest Ever Black, Editions Mego and Ujikaji.

Entropy 05

Vale // Flora Yin-WONG // Holy Palm (Modern Love)
The Dimming of Road and Rights // Raime // Quarter Turns Over A Living Line (Blackest Ever Black)
Zweites Buch: Var Genstien // Oake // Auferstehung (Downwards)
The Void Of Universe // Defraktor // A Hole In The Void of Time (Lona Records)
Hong Kong 1987 // Slow White Fall // MY Disco - Environment (Downwards)
The Death of Rave 001 // V/Vm // The Death Of Rave - The Source (History Always Favours The Winners) 
Nocturnal Anatomy // Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement // Green Graves (Hospital Productions)
Execution // Andy Stott // Passed Me By (Modern Love)
Breath // Holly Herndon // Movement (RVNG Intl.)
Other // Emptyset // Medium (Subtext)
Catch the wings of the meteors - Fiona Lee // Walking in a daze (N/A)
Silver Lining // KTL // VII (Editions Mego)
Half Moon // Bonnie Mercer & YLP // Old Moon, New Moon / The Image of 36 (Downwards)
Testpressing #005: Past Majesty // Demdike Stare // Wonderland Testpressings 4–7 (Modern Love)
Appendix // Sin:Ned // Organs Without Body (RE-RECORDS)
Tokyo Fist // George Chua // Smokesccreen (Ujikaji Records)
Towards the Real // UNSIGNIFIED DEATH // Towards the Real (Perpetual Abjection)
National Grid // Disinformation // Stargate (Ash International)
Image Of Progress // Alberich // Machine Gun Nest: Cassette Works, Vol.0 (Hospital Productions)
Spiritual Suicide (Samaritan Mojo Mix) // Elf Fatima // Kill All W (Catalyst Action)
Jane Pain // David Boring // Unnatural Objects and Their Humans (Damnably)

Entropy is bi-monthly show curated by Nanogram from Hong Kong. He also runs a techno/ebm/industrial night of the same name at 宀 every month.

Photography: Solace, Moon n°4, 2020 by Stephanie Teng.

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