Nanogram summons the drums of death with an hour long descent to the netherworld. His latest instalment of Entropy features tracks from Voidance, Larmes and Morphine Records.

Entropy 04

Ditt försvinnande // Evigt Mörker // Scandinavian Swords IIII: Atlas of Visions Pt. I & II (Northern Electronics)
AS 2 // Goner // Colour Of Ashes (Last Embassy)
Outrage // UVB76 // IWA GAADEN (Random Numbers)
Machine Wash // Ciarra Black // Stasis (Pendulum Recordings)
Phanes // Oreinoi // La Testa Del Re (Stripe999)
Selfies Are For The Weak // Keepsakes // Modern Anxious Vernacular (HAVEN)
Act (Sow Discord mix) // MY DISCO // Environment Remixes (Nice Music)
160714_0937 M // BFE54 Group // Esoteric Free Afrika (B.F.E Records)
Trust // Frett // The World as a Hologram (ant-zen)
Svytost // Noform // VASSAGO (Several Minor Promises)
Holy War // Nigh/Tmare // Sacred Grounds (Larmes)
Satl // Nastika // Black Sun (Horo)
Wrath and Retribution // Prophän // Travels To Sadness, Hate & Depression Vol. 1 (Voidance Records)
Beirut // Monolake // The Sacred Rage (Morphine Records)
Thermal Runaway // Sorcery // System Revival: For Beirut, The End of Corruption (System Revival: For Beirut, The End of Corruption)
Barely Awake // Drew McDowall & Hiro Kone // The Ghost of Georges Bataille (Bank NYC)

Entropy is bi-monthly show curated by Nanogram from Hong Kong. He also runs a techno/ebm/industrial night of the same name at 宀 every month.

Photography by Chashel

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