Entropy guest FM™ aka Toshio Munehiro delivers a one-way trip of cavernous, desolate experimentalism with soundscapes from Raster-Noton label mate Liima, Pan Sonic, Nurse With Wound and the visionary La Monte Young. 

Entropy 02

Dream house (excerpt) // La Monte Young // Fluxus anthology (Recorthings & Zona Archives)
Aguirre I (Haswell & Hecker Remix) // Popol Vuh // Nachts: Schnee / Aguirre I (Editions Mego)
Wycha // Andrew Chalk & Ralf Wehowsky // Yang-Tul (Anomalous Records)
The Strange Play Of The Mouth // Nurse With Wound // In Fractured Silence(United Dairies)
Meet Me In The Space They Stare At Leaving Their Seat During A Show // Storm And Stress // Under Thunder & Fluorescent Lights (Touch And Go)
Radiolucence (Version) // Rome // Rome (Thrill Jockey)
Version 3 // Liima // Version3 / Version 4 (Kangaroo)
Monkey // Itinerant Dub // Itinerant Magic (Itinerant Dub)
4’41” // Pan Sonic // Oksastus (Kvitnu)
z. s. t. e // Toshio Munehiro // barbarize (alna)
Manic Population IV // Rashad Becker // Composition IV (Flying Swimming)
30.0/31.0 // Starfuckers // Iamaphotographer (Plain Recordings)
Paris, Morgue // P16.D4 // Kühe In 1/2 Trauer (Selektion)
Robotronic // Turing Machine // A New Machine for Living (Jade Tree)

Entropy is bi-monthly show curated by Nanogram from Hong Kong. He also runs a techno/ebm/industrial night of the same name at 宀 every month. 

Photography by Hizuan Zailani

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