Nez Senja curates his first instalment of Danger’s Tone - ninety minutes of cosmic jazz, smokey basement funk, low-slung hip hop and hypnotik organika from artists like Kribo Brothers, Butcher Brown, Azu Tiwaline and Afrikan Sciences.

Danger’s Tone 01
Nez Senja

Login //  A V Moves // Login (Leaving)
Another One For Slug //  Dougie Stu //  Familiar Future  (Ropeadope)
Tumbuk // Andreas Tschopp // Tumbuk (Enja / Yellowbird Records)
Yokoso // The Kribo Brothers (Kribo Records)
SKRUFF // Black Josh // MANNYFORNIA (Blah)
Approach With Caution ft. Sampa The Great // Quakers // II - The Next Wave (Stone’s Throw)
accountability (ft. Nappy Nina) // H31R //  Ve·Loc·i·Ty (cassette edition) (PTP)
The Reflexed Bamboo // Howie Lee // 7 Weapons Series (Maloca)
sorry // Khalab //  Door to the Cosmos (On the Corner)
Hortensja (feat. Toni Sauna) //  Błoto //  Kwiatostan (Astigmatic)
Tenderness // Vels Trio //  Yellow Ochre (Rhythm Section International)
Tidal Wave // Butcher Brown // #KingButch (Concord Jazz)
Golden Silence // The Twilite Tone // The Clearing (Stones Throw)
Violet Curves // Azu Tiwaline ft Cinna Peyghamy // Door to the Cosmos (On the Corner)
Jinja Pearls (Sam Jones Construct) // Mugwisa International Xylophone Group // Santuri's Embaire Umeme E . P (On the  Corner)
San Tatura // David Binney & Kenny Wollesen // Basu (Mythology)
Opportunity Zones // Afrikan Sciences // Survivors (The Student Body Presents)
Goose // Djoser //  Secret Greeting EP (3024)
IxION // Planet Battagon // Trans - Neptunia (On the Corner)
Your Tracks Are Too Short // ZULI // Trigger Finger  (Haunter)
Constructive Ambiguity // Krust //  Constructive Ambiguity (Crosstown Rebels)
False Horns // Earl Grey // French Exit (Inperspective)
Memories // Sully // Swandive (Astrophonica)

Danger’s Tone is a bi-monthly show curated by Revison Music co-founder and all-round soundboi junglist Nez Senja from Singapore. 

Photography by John T.

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